How can I pay?

We accept several payment method. You can pay all of your bookings or pay separately for each booking by:

  1. Paypal or Bank Transfer (pay extra 3% for transaction fee)
  2. Credit card at our office (pay extra 2% for banking fee)
  3. Cash in VND or in USD at our office or to driver

Is this price for one person or for all?

Is this price for one person or for all?
For Private Car (transport service), this price per car not per person
For Package Tour (Private tour) and Group Tour, this price is per person.

Do I need to pay in advance?

For some bookings, you need to pay in advance because we need to arrange all services for you such as: Guide, Accommodation, Meals, buy the Entrance fees; or in case your booking falls on TET Holiday. You can pay Online via Paypal, or Bank Transfer, or walk to our Office to pay all before your departure date.
For some bookings like Transportation services only, you don’t need to pay in advance, you can pay by cash to our driver on that day, after receiving an excellent service.